The Hornitos Patrons Club is a non-profit group dedicated to the preservation of the Hornitos Community and History.  Hornitos is a gold rush era town located in the foothills of Central California.


* Enchilada Dinner--1st Saturday in March (Flyer)

* Flea Market--1st Sunday in October

* Candle Lighting--November 2 (Day of the Dead)

* Community Christmas Party--December TBA

* On-going sales of hats, visors, and tee-shirts

Moneys raised from events go to support the Stag Hall, the community and its children.   

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Buy stamps from the Hornitos Post Office to help keep it alive and going.  Send a check for stamps to Postmistress, Hornitos, Ca  95325 and she'll return your stamps along with another order form.  Great way to do something worthwhile very easily.